Making A Rebozo Sling

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This tutorial is how to make a Rebozo Sling. A rebozo is a traditional mexican shawl, that is used throughout a woman’s life, from girlhood through to woman hood. It’s useful for babywearing, and pregnancy and labour massage. It’s also a great toy for little ones (Think pirate’s sash,  flag, princess scarf, the ideas are endless)

To make a Rebozo, you’ll need.

  • 250cm of a natural, breathable fabric (Feel free to choose something luscious, and colourful!)
  • Sewing Machine (Or hand sew, if you like)
  • Ready made fringe for the ends.

  1. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise, and mark it into thirds (Approx 84cm each third)
  2. Measure 37cm in the middle third  and 30cm for each of the end thirds, and mark with tailors chalk (This is to give the rebozo a slightly tapered shape.
  3. Pin your fabric, and measure a line from the middle of the wide third to each of the narrow ones.
  4. Mark, and Cut your fabric
  5. Fold in the LONG raw edge, and  top stitch it closed
  6. Sew a 2.5cm hem around the raw edges at the ends.

If you like, add a ready-made fringe to each of the ends.


There you have it, a nice simple rebozo sling.