14 Ways To Make Your Children Laugh

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There is nothing quite like your children laughing or giggling their head off. It makes you smile and feel great watching them have so much fun. Laughter is contagious and can also uplift any mood. It is something that makes life worth living. So here is a list of things that can make your children laugh.

Note: While these are categorized by age, there is still quite a lot of overlap and nothing is bound to an age category.


  1. Peekaboo is an all time classic. Cover a sheet across your face, say “where are you”, then take it away and say peekaboo.
  2. Raspberry is another common favorite. Blow on your babies tummies until your lips vibrate.
  3. Open your mouth wide and when they go to put their hand in, gobble it all up


  1. Chasy can be great fun. If you say something along the lines of “I am going to get you” then slowly run after them.
  2. Throwing balloons around in the air is great fun, laughter and exercise for a toddler.
  3. Picking them up and chasing something around the garden. It could be the dog or your partner or other child.
  4. I occasionally get an attack of the munchies. It’s an uncontrollable urge to start gobbling up children.
  5. The claw is something I saw in the movie. You put your hand under a jumper or jacket with a zipper and make it look like it wants to come out. Then your toddler will pull down the zipper and it will go to gobble them all up.
  6. If they are on your bed, when they try to get away you can grab their feet and pull them back
  7. I know many people won’t let their child jump on the bed but with the amount of giggles it gets, how could I not.
  8. Waddling like a penguin
  9. When eating and orange in slices take the orange and cover your teeth and smile at them.


  1. At this age children have learnt many new words and sounds. For example a dog goes woof. If you say a dog goes quack, they will find it funny and also correct you.
  2. I am unsure why children find this funny, but an accidental hit on your head with an object of some sort always creates a laugh.

I find the key to most of these is to create an atmosphere of suspense before the “attack” :). The other key you may notice with humor in a child is doing anything out of the ordinary normally invokes a laugh.

These are just some things to keep in mind next time you need a good laugh.

If you have any more ways to make children laugh please share. I for one, am always looking to improve my comedy act.

Photo Credit: CC 2.0 / Eric Ward