How To Remove Playdough From The Carpet

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Despite the fact that 90% of my house’s floor coverings are tiles, somehow my children always manage to find the one surface that playdough does not simply dab up from: the carpet.

Removing playdough from the carpet takes a little bit of effort, and it’s much easier if your little ones haven’t trampled it in (Yeh, right!)

So… to remove trampled on playdough from the carpet do the following:
1. Dab up as much as you can, using a wad of fresh playdough.

2. Allow the rest to dry. Overnight or at least for several hours will work well.

3. Using a palette knife, or the edge of a spoon scrape the big bits out. Taking care of your carpet (If you’ve got expensive carpets and kids, give in, rip them up, put them in storage, they’re doomed!!)

4. Get a stiff brush and brush the rest out

5. Vacuum up the remains

6. Brush and vacuum till you’ve got it all out.

I have learnt to buy rugs that are literally wash and wear, so the rug in our living room is frequently dragged outside, hosed off, scrubbed and left in the sun to dry – this method also works well to remove playdough, weetbix, and squashed in banana.

Photo by tiffanywashko